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Scooter is a 2009 Pinto-Arabian Gelding.  He has the color and looks to make him stand out in a crowd, and the personality that makes him a favorite to play with.  He is registered Part-Arabian and Pinto and is eligible to be registered Pintabian.  
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Squirt is a 2005 chestnut Purebred Arabian Gelding.  Although not a large horse at just over 14 hands Squirt proves that amazing things can come in small packages.  
Champaign is a beautiful Pinabian 2000 Mare.  She is triple registered Part-Arabian, Pinto, and Pintabian.  She has heavy Ferzon breeding and has produced beautiful foals for us in the past.  
Pearl is a beautiful 2002 Purebred Arabian Mare.  She has heavy Ferzon breeding, type, style and elegance all in one sweet-tempered package.  
Rowdy is a chestnut 2008 Part-Arabian gelding with a personality that just does not quit.  He is a full brother to World Champion pinto gelding Deputy Barney.  He has a lot of curiosity and confidence that make him a joy to play with.  He has had ground work done but has not been ridden under saddle yet. He will make someone a very nice partner.  

Sam is a 2007 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding.  He has 14 crossed back to Ferzon.  He is a beautiful young horse with a sweet and willing temperment.  Was started under saddle as a 3-year-old but has not been ridden since.